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RustyBrickSoftware was founded in 1995 by Ronnie Schwartz. RustyBrickSoftware currently creates custom-made web sites as well as custom-made software. All graphics, sounds, and code are done in house. Prices vary by job. For more information please contact us at: webmaster@glattwok.com, or you can call us at (914)352-8738.

RustyBrickSoftware Experience:
President, RustyBrickSoftware:
Created websites for Jennifer Convertibles Inc., Glatt Wok, Torah Academy of Bergen County, Martin M. Shenkman P.C., and RustyBrickSoftware. Fixed many computers. Added components to computers.
Computer consulting at: The Deka Group, Fromen Employee Benefits Agency, and Torah Academy of Bergen County.

Operating Systems:
MacOS, DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows95, WindowsNT, Unix, ProDOS, and Newton.

Graphics Applications:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Aldus TypeTwister, Color It, Morph, Bryce, TextureMill, Infini-D, and Sketcher.

Page Layout Applications:
QuarkXPress, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Exchange, Adobe Distiller, Aldus Pagemaker, and Print Shop Deluxe.

Word Processors / Spreadsheets / Database:
Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Works, Claris MacWrite, Claris Works, Claris Filemaker Pro, WriteNow and Word Perfect.

Sound, Movie, and Animation Applications:
SoundEdit, ConcertWare, Infini-D, Logomation, Adobe Premiere, and Avid VideoShop.

Communications & Internet:
Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Explorer, America Online, CompuServe, Prodigy, BBEdit, MacHTTP, Ircle, Anarchie, Fetch, and NewsWatcher. TCP/IP, PPP, POP, SMTP.

Programming Languages:
HyperTalk, SuperTalk, HTML, JavaScript, AppleScript, Common Gateway Interface, and C.
In the Future: C++, Java, Perl, Basic, Pascal, SGI, and SmallTalk.

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